The In-Store Shopping App For Car Dealers To Offer Consumers

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Shop Scan Go iOS app

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The ShopScanGo system is sold to car dealers who in turn offer the ShopScanGo app to consumers. Dealers require a merchant account and a ShopScanGo approved point of sale system.

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Consumers enjoy looking at new cars and getting great deals when shopping. But what they don't like is the traditional car shopping experience. Waiting and dragging out the car buying process makes consumers feel like the dealer does not respect their time. 

With the ShopScanGo app consumers can enjoy the entire shopping experience. 

Here’s how it works:

The dealer offers the consumer the ShopScanGo app

To see what deals are available

Some of which are unique to the individual

Helping them decide what vehicle is best.

The consumer shops a dealer's lot or showroom on their own and selects a vehicle. They Scan the car's bin barcode number on the windshield with the app and all price details and discounts are presented. Then, instantly they can secure the vehicle with a deposit amount as specified within the information presented in the app. Depending on the dealer the consumer can pay with the app, at a self payment station or at the checkout counter.
Notification, is instantly presented to the dealers point of sale POS and other systems so this qualified customer gets the attention as determined by the dealer. 

ShopScanGo approves the payment and notifies the consumer that they can proceed to the document department.

ShopScanGo has made the consumer shopping more economic and efficient. The entire experience is enjoyable. That's what shopping for a car should be.